Side effects of Stanozolol

 Many people don’t rely on Stanozolol and its advantages by worrying of its dangerous negative effect. But, is Stanozolol really so dangerous? Before answering this question, let me be very clear that Stanozolol is a mild supplement which can be used by both male and female bodybuilders and athletes to enhance their athletic and physical performance without being concerned about gynecomastia and water retention.  Every anabolic androgenic Steroid comes with some side effects and it is really important to know about them before using them. There can be many factors to look on when the negative effects of any steroid are concerned. But, while talking of Winstrol or Stanozolol, the side effects are less noticeable than any other steroid. Here, we are giving a detailed description of side effects of Stanozolol to help to make the right choice about buying it.

Stanozolol possible negative effects

 People having a high cholesterol level should preferentially avoid using Stanozolol as it drastically alters the cholesterol by increasing the LDL and lowering the HDL level. It is also advised to follow a proper diet which is cholesterol friendly and high in proteins and nutrients while using this steroid.  Also, to get the most benefit with this steroid, it is recommended to follow the same diet by consuming the same food every day.  Another reason of people not opting for this drug is the sequential decrease in the testosterone level.  Testosterone is male sex hormone which is even produced in women ovaries and it is extremely important for fulfilling all desires and maintaining a fit life. Not only Stanozolol but many anabolic steroids tend to lowers the testosterone level which can even lead to changes in sperm and lowering of androgens. So, if you are using Stanozolol, it is recommended to stack it up with other Testosterone booster to maintain its proper level.  This description of side effects can help you avoid the common mistakes which other make.  Stanozolol is one such drug which is highly toxic to liver and can liver damage. The increase in the level of hepatic enzymes can cause this problem so you have to be very careful about the period of use, timing and general dosage. However, you should know that the healing features of liver are outstanding and if you use it properly,   there will be no problem related to it.

People have also experience excessive hair loss and acne while using Stanozolol but this is mostly due to overdose.  This DHT- based anabolic steroid can influence change in our overall feature so, the people who are prone to hair loss should avoid use of this steroid to stay away from baldness and joint pain.  Due to relatively androgenic property it can be used by women but they must see for symptoms of virology. It can even cause deepening of vocal cords and also destruction of femininity if overdosed or over for a longer period.  The side effects of this Steroid are more or less the same like other steroid of this kind and you can avoid these by its proper usage. Also, if you are allergic to something, you must look in to it before using it.